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In addition to children and adults not seeing eye to eye, kids literally see the world differently from the way that grown-ups do. According to one recent study, children under age twelve do not combine sensory information when trying to make sense of their surroundings. Not only do youngsters separate senses such as vision and sound, their brains also separate the input they receive when viewing an image with one eye compared with both eyes. In fact, researchers found that children are not able to combine perspective (the way that objects appear on the basis of where they are in space) and binocular depth information (using both eyes together to view an object) until they reach age twelve. 


Clear vision is critically important to a child’s academic performance and ability to socialize.  At DR. DONALD B. KNAPP, OPTOMETRIST, our goal is to help children focus easily and see comfortably under all conditions.  An eye health examination for children includes screening for two-eyed coordination, focusing skills, eye movement, and depth perception.  We carry children’s lenses that are impact-resistant, scratch-protected, and comfortable to wear.


P.S. A recent study reveals that while children under age six are able to keep perspective and binocular visual information separate, adults cannot do so.


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