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Without early diagnosis and treatment, many serious eye diseases and conditions that develop in infancy or early childhood may cause needless vision loss and even blindness. It is estimated that, each year, thousands of children suffer permanent eye damage simply because they have not had their vision screened early enough to catch eye problems when they could still be easily treated. Problems that rob an infant’s eyesight include infantile cataracts, eye muscle disorders known as strabismus, and refractive errors that can affect focusing. Another problem, known as amblyopia (or “lazy eye”), can cause permanent damage  if not caught early and corrected. Unless steps are taken to make the brain fully acknowledge images from the amblyopic eye, vision will be lost.

Experts estimate that the eyes gather 80 percent of all information received in a day, so any visual inefficiency has a major impact on a person’s functioning. It is important that parents schedule visual examinations for children at least by the age of 3 to diagnose any vision problem in its early stages.  Please call to schedule an eye exam for your child that includes screening for infantile cataracts, strabismus, amblyopia. 


P.S. “Photoscreening” is a diagnostic technique that involves taking a flash photograph of a child’s eye and analyzing the light reflected off the retina to detect refractive errors, strabismus, and lens opacities.


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