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As parents watch their child develop, they may wonder just how much their newborn sees. The fact is that infants are generally quite farsighted, with the ability to focus only eight to fifteen inches away. While they can see light and shapes, as well as notice movement, their eyes do not begin to move together until they reach about four weeks of age or later. At between two and six months of age, babies’ binocular vision develops, and by about five months, vision has improved to about 20/100. At two years of age, a normal child’s vision is still only about 20/60. Twenty/twenty vision is not attained until the child is between four and five years old or later.

 A child’s eyes should be regularly examined after age three, unless an obvious problem requires earlier treatment.  We gear our eye examinations to individual age levels.  An eye exam for children includes testing of two-eyed coordination, focusing skills, eye movements, and depth perception. 

P.S. Because their irises lack pigment, newborns’ eyes are often grayish-blue at birth. By age six months, a baby’s mature eye color develops.



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