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Three pigments (brown, blue, and yellow) combine to create eye color, which is genetically determined. Pigmentation of the iris, which surrounds the pupil, takes from six months to a year to complete. During that time, a baby’s eyes can darken with the addition of pigmentation. While the most common eye color is brown, many people wish they could change their eye color. If so, they should resist any urge to undergo potentially dangerous procedures, one example of which involves taking a “medical vacation” to implant colored discs over the irises. This procedure has the potential to cause serious eye damage. A far safer alternative involves a visit to the eye professional for a fitting for colored contact lenses.   

Colored contacts allow you to change your eye color without resorting to a surgical procedure.  If you have light eyes, you can brighten their color.  If you have brown eyes, you can change them to a subtle natural gray. We can provide you with a thorough eye health examination and prescribe the contacts best suited to your vision needs.  Our instructions on contact lens handling and cleaning, as well as our follow-up care, ensure that your eyes remain healthy. Some colored contact lenses totally change eye color while others enhance natural eye color.


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