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Eyeglass wearers entering middle age are likely to find that they experience difficulty reading small print or seeing close range with their regular prescriptions. At this point, it becomes necessary to switch to reading glasses or use bifocals. However, there is another option for those who either do not want to carry around two pairs of glasses or do not want to wear lenses with a telltale dividing line that informs everyone they are getting older. Multifocal “progressive” lenses not only enable those who wear them to see both up close and far away without a visible dividing line in the lens, they also provide crisp images at intermediate distances. Most people find this to be a win/win/win situation.   

If you’re middle age and have difficulty reading the newspaper or restaurant menus, you don’t have to carry around two pairs of glasses or compromise your appearance.  Multifocal “progressive” lenses provide distance, intermediate, and near vision correction all in one lens. We carry light-weight progressive lenses and a variety of stylish frames to suit all tastes and needs. Progressive lenses may slightly alter peripheral vision and necessitate some minor changes in horizontal head and eye movements.


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