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Farsighted individuals with strong plus corrections are often concerned about the thick profiles of conventional eyeglass lenses with spherical front surfaces, which look bulky. Their thickness not only adds to their heft, conventional lenses with strong corrections for farsightedness also make the eyes appear larger. If these factors are a concern, individuals may want to ask about aspheric lenses. These are designed with constantly changing curves on their front surfaces, which pare down their profiles. Not only do they provide better corrected vision (especially when looking to one side or the other), but they also are dramatically slimmer and lighter in weight than conventional lenses, and they do not make the eyes look conspicuously large. Wearing frames that complement your facial features and are the right shape for your lenses can enhance your looks.  We carry designer frames in many different style, colors, and sizes, so you can easily find the frame that compliments your face and fits your budget.  Eyewear is available with a scratch-resistant coating. While aspheric lenses exert less of a slimming effect on lenses prescribed for nearsighted individuals with strong minus corrections, their effect is nonetheless still noticeable.


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