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An interesting example of how cataracts alter vision can be seen in the works of the famous French impressionist Claude Monet, who was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes at age 72. The fact is, however, that the painter was experiencing cataract-related visual problems much earlier. For instance, at age 65, Monet complained that he no longer perceived colors with the same intensity, and a review of his work shows a notable shift away from intense whites, blues, and greens toward muddier yellow and purple tones. By age 75, his work also became more abstract, with an even more marked color shift from blue-green to red-yellow. These changes are consistent with cataract development, which can be detected with an eye exam. The lens of the eye is mostly made of water and protein.  As we age, some of the protein may clump together and cloud an area of the lens.  This is a cataract.   Cataracts can change how a person works and can interfere with his or her ability to walk and drive.  Maintaining good vision helps you maintain independence. In the early stages of cataract development, blurred vision may occur, which may be helped with a change in lens prescription


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