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Amblyopia (“lazy eye”) is characterized by the brain’s inclination not to acknowledge images provided by the affected eye. The most common cause of “lazy eye” is strabismus, which is the constant turn of one eye. If the brain continues to reject the image from the amblyopic eye to avoid the perception of blurred images, it is possible that the eye will eventually lose its ability to see. To counteract this prospect, treatment usually involves making the weaker eye work harder, often by patching the “good” eye. While this treatment generally improves visual acuity, new research shows that the lingering effects among successfully treated amblyopic people may impair their “real-world” perception in the future, which warrants consideration. Vision consists of much more than just 20/20 eyesight.  Vision allows us to obtain meaning and understanding from what we see.  Poor vision can affect a child’s ability to learn in school and complete homework. According to the recent research noted above, adults with a history of successfully treated amblyopia may have little trouble with an eye-chart test, but may have difficulty processing visual information involving everyday scenes and images.


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