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As any driver or fishing enthusiast knows, the light reflected off the windshield of an oncoming car or the watery surface surrounding a boat can be blinding. Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate glare through a process known as “polarization.” Sunglasses with polarized lenses filter out reflected light  with the application of a chemical film. This film has molecules aligned parallel to one another in a vertical arrangement that blocks out horizontally polarized light reflected off roads, water, and other horizontal reflective surfaces. While polarized lenses are certainly recommended for driving and hobbies such as fishing, they may block out some of the visual clues on ski slopes that skiers use to compensate for surface irregularities. Glare can make it difficult for you to see objects clearly, washing out colors and details.  Polarized lenses allow you to see that colors are deeper, richer, and bolder, and details are clearer and more distinct.   These lenses also help reduce squinting.  Choosing eyeglasses that complement your facial features and skin tone can enhance your appearance. Fishermen can use polarized sunglasses to see more clearly below the surface of the water  in their search for fish and hidden obstacles.


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