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January 1st Is Coming! Don’t Lose Your FSA Dollars

The New Year is coming fast which means that flex spending dollars will soon expire. If flex spending doesn't sound familiar to you, you may not have an FSA (or flex spending account) but you might want to verify your benefits to make sure.

If you contribute to an FSA through your employee benefits be sure to plan ahead. Most FSA's require you to spend all contributions before the new year or you will lose it!

You can use your FSA to get big savings on your eye care necessities. Comprehensive eye and contact lens examinations, eye wear, contact lenses, even laser vision correction may all meet the requirements for reimbursement. Just keep in mind that some procedures, such as laser vision correction have a screening process that could cause a delay so call us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, we are happy to go over your eye care benefits with you. Our West Winfield, NY Eye Care Professionals are here for you!


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