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As technology continues to influence behavior, concern has been raised that smartphones are causing users’ eyes to work harder than they would reading ordinary news print. As a result of holding smartphones closer to the eyes and focusing on small fonts, people who wear eyeglasses or contacts may be placing added strain on their eyes. As a consequence, they may be more likely to experience headaches and eye strain. Texting and browsing on the Internet on smartphones may also lead to dry eye and blurred vision after prolonged use. With all this in mind, it may prove helpful to test smartphone-users’ vision at closer distances and prescribe corrective lenses accordingly. Many smartphone users may not even realize a problem exists.  You probably use a smartphone and use a computer at work.  You may also read books and newspapers on a computer tablet.  These technologies have changed the way we communicate and read, but they can cause eye strain.Although people generally read books and newspapers while holding the text approximately 16 inches from their eyes, smartphone users hold their devices from 7 to 14 inches from their eyes.


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