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The common refractive error known as “nearsightedness” (or “myopia”) is caused by an elongated eyeball that focuses incoming light rays in front of the light-sensing retina rather than on it. What is not so common is severe myopia, or “high myopia,” which is a severe form of myopia that can increase the chances of developing complications that can threaten vision. According to recent research, one such complication, “myopic maculopathy,” was found to progress in about four out of ten myopic eyes. This disorder involves the central portion of the retina, the “macula,” which is responsible for providing detailed central vision. This new understanding of a possible association between high myopia and potential complications underscores the need for regular eye exams. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are not diseases in and of themselves. They are “refractive errors,” which can be simply corrected with prescription lenses.