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April is national Sports Eye Safety Month

With the spring, along with more opportunity to participate in a new set of sports, comes an increase in the risk of eye injuries related to sports. Each year, many people, both young and old suffer eye injuries as a result of sport play that could be avoided with suitable defense and awareness. Using proper eye protection while playing sports is important especially in contact sports or those that expose you to the sun such as ice hockey, softball, cricket, squash, full-contact martial arts, water polo, or fishing.

Lower your risk of a sports eye injury by investing in the proper protective eyewear right for the type of physical activity you might be participating in. Protective eyewear will keep you injury-free and will also have additional protection to minimize your exposure to harmful ultra-violet light for outdoor activities. Eye wear made specifically for sports is designed especially to prepare you for common conditions. Everyday glasses typically aren't adequate for full protection, which means that even just a minor tumble can mean a serious sight-threatening injury.

Sports and eye safety goes beyond using the appropriate eyewear. Eyesight is an essential factor of your ability to compete, so you need to have strong vision. If you normally require glasses, you might need protective sports glasses that have a prescription that will also help to correct your vision. If you're fitted with contacts, you might require a different lens than the ones you wear on a daily basis. Speak to your eye care professional about the options at your disposal.

Each sport has different demands and dangers, so it's important to let your eye care professional assess your specific needs and fit you with the right glasses or lenses to maximize your visual skills. This will help you get the edge you need to excel and have fun and be safe when you play sports.

Different sports include a range of dangers and demands, so it's important to allow your eye care professional to determine your specific needs and provide the correct glasses or lenses best for your vision. This will help you gain the winning edge that'll help you excel and have fun safely.


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