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It hardly comes as news that people have been known to don a pair of glasses to change the way people perceive them. Perhaps the most common example of this quick image change involves wearing a pair of horn-rimmed glasses to make a person look more “serious” or “intellectual.” A pair of eyeglasses with thick black frames, such as those worn by Buddy Holly, also denotes an air of “cool.” These bold glasses have been used by celebrities and non-celebrities alike to lend some gravity to their appearances. The most curious recent example of this fashion involves high-visibility court defendants, who have been urged by their attorneys to wear the glasses so that they will look more innocent. Wearing a pair of eyeglasses to a job interview may induce the interviewer to take the job applicant more seriously. Whether you’re in a business meeting or enjoying a social event with friends, the style and shape of your glasses can make a statement about your personality and flatter your facial construction.   If you’ve been wearing the same frames for several years, you’ll be amazed at the new styles


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