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It is a popular misconception that wearing eyeglasses on a regular basis creates a dependency that will further weaken eyes. The fact is that eyes are constantly changing regardless of what a person does. All that corrective lenses do is help people adapt to these changes. For instance, nearly all of us eventually develop the need for “reading glasses” at some point during middle age. Those who put off getting glasses in the belief that they will further weaken their eyes are only doing themselves a disservice. Their eyes will not gain any benefit from being strained. The only one to suffer is the person who unnecessarily puts up with blurred vision and headaches by refusing to get glasses. Contrary to popular belief, wearing glasses does not weaken a person’s eyes.  Our eyes change as we age, but wearing the right prescription lenses can help us retain the ability to see clearly at all distances. As nearsighted children grow, the natural progression of their myopia and the need for stronger lens prescription will grow whether they wear glasses or not.


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