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If you wear eyeglasses with a strong prescription, you may want to consider “aspheric lenses.” This type of lens differs from conventional lenses in that its complex shape has more of a curvature that changes from the center outward instead of having a uniform spherical shape. As a result, aspheric lenses are thinner and less bulgy than conventional lenses, which are differences that are especially noticeable in strong farsighted prescriptions. The lenses also make the wearer’s eye look more natural. In addition, they fit closer to the face. From the wearer’s point of view, aspheric lenses provide better vision with less distortion, which translates into better peripheral vision and the ability to see objects more true to size. No one wants to wear thick lenses that add years to a person’s appearance. You don’t need to compromise your appearance because you need glasses. Today’s lightweight lenses, such as aspheric lenses, help wearers enjoy clear vision at all distances. It is important to purchase aspheric lenses with anti-reflective (AR) coatings because aspheric lenses’ curvature and position on the face cause more reflections than conventional lenses.


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