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What To Tell Our Eye Doctor

What do you know about your own eyes? There are a few things you should inform us of so that we can make sure you are analyzed adeptly and thoroughly.

Because vision can be affected by seemingly unrelated health conditions, you'll need to inform us of any differences you are aware of. What are some things we'd need to be informed of? Here are a few examples: diabetes, pregnancy, high blood pressure or allergies.

Habits like drinking or smoking can have a poor effect on your eyes, so if these are parts of your lifestyle, tell us about it. Tell us what you're using your eyes for. Do you work at a computer a lot? Being aware of these details can make it easier for us to figure out your treatment plan.

As a number of eye-related conditions can be passed down to you from your parents, it is crucial that you tell us if there are any of them in your immediate family, especially macular degeneration or glaucoma. Understandably, it's a lot less complicated to look out for certain signs when we're already aware which conditions you may be susceptible to.

Some symptoms include changes to your vision like double vision, seeing spots or flashes of light, and blurriness. If you notice any of these, give us a call as soon as you're able to. With the information we have about your history, coupled with our expertise, we'll figure out what's behind the symptom, and suggest the most appropriate treatment plan. It's also good if you take your most recent glasses along to your appointment. Glasses provide valuable information, even if you're a contact lens wearer. Together, we will find out the most productive way to tend to all your eye needs.


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