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If your prescription eyeglass lenses are made of plastic, they are vulnerable to scratching. To avoid the tiny scratches that accumulate over time to obscure vision, resist wiping glasses when they are dry. Never use a paper product to wipe, nor should you use a window cleaner or saliva to clean plastic lenses. Instead, regularly clean lenses with warm water and a drop of dish detergent. Then, wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. For impromptu cleanings, carry a small bottle of lens cleaner and a suitable wiping cloth in your car, purse, or pocket. Avoid leaving eyeglasses lying around unprotected, particularly on a car’s dashboard, where concentrated sunlight and heat can ruin frames. The Internet gives us access to a wide range of products without having to leave the comfort of our home.  Contact lenses are a personalized product that must meet the vision needs of the wearer.  Because contacts are worn directly on the eyes, they can lead to infection and long-term damage. Hair spray or perfume droplets can damage eyeglass lenses’ anti-reflective coatings.