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While researchers have found no difference in men’s and women’s ability to focus on near objects, they have wondered why women seem to need reading glasses earlier than men. Upon investigation of the matter, researchers have concluded that women’s need to wear reading glasses earlier is based on their preference (or need) to hold their reading material closer. That is, either women simply like to bring books, newspapers, and other reading material closer to their eyes, or their shorter arms make it necessary for them to do so. Either way, as they hold reading material closer, the images are more likely to appear blurred, which makes reading glasses necessary sooner than if they held the material further from their eyes. Do you have trouble reading the newspaper or a menu? We fill prescriptions with lightweight lenses that can help you see near, far, and in between. We carry a variety of eye-catching designer frames in rich colors and elegant detailing on the temples, as well as classic frames that look great and have stood the test of time. “Presbyopia” is the term for the age-related loss of near vision that has nearly all of us reaching for reading glasses at some point in our lives.


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