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Cell phones are everywhere these days, and there seems to be no end to their popularity in sight. Those with a penchant for reading text messages may be paying a price (beyond their monthly fee) for doing so. Recent research shows that browsing the Internet at close range forces smartphone users’ eyes to work harder than they normally would. Holding the phone closer than usual and looking at small font sizes forces the eyes to work much harder to focus on the print and align the eyes in the same direction. This added strain on those already wearing prescription glasses and contacts may result in eyestrain and headaches. Increasing the font size on the screen may help avert problems. As you text or browse the Internet on your cell phone or smart phone, you probably don’t realize that you’re straining your eyes. Those with prescription lenses who want to avoid the eyestrain related to reading smartphone texts may want to consider progressive multifocal lenses that enable them to see at various distances.