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In case you haven’t noticed, retro vintage eyeglasses have crossed the fashion line that separates professorial types from chic fashion models. Horn-rimmed glasses (so named because they were originally made from horn or tortoise shell) are no longer strictly seen solely on the faces of Woody Allen and similarly geeky types. For some time now, these bold frames constructed out of thick plastic have also shown up on the faces of celebrities and movie stars. They can be worn either to complement a vintage wardrobe or to add a cutting edge to non-vintage clothes. Aside from making a fashion statement, thick vintage eyeglass frames are also perfect for work environments, where both men and women want to project a more serious appearance. Bold, thick-rimmed eyeglasses have the power to make the females  who wear them  look simultaneously powerful and sexy. You’ve probably seen photos or movies with famous actors wearing thick vintage eyeglass frames. 



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