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The focusing mechanism of the eye is a constant source of fascination. In the case of nearly parallel rays from distant objects, which do not need as much refraction to bring them into focus, the ciliary muscles (which change the shape of the eye lens) remain fairly relaxed. Focusing on nearby objects, however, requires more focusing power, which is facilitated by ciliary-muscle contraction. Unfortunately, like all muscles in the body, ciliary muscle strength ebbs as we age. In addition, the eye lens becomes increasingly inflexible. As a result, mature adults begin to experience “presbycusis,” or age-related loss of near focusing power, as early as age 45. Reading glasses help bring print back into focus. Because close work requires constant accommodation through muscular effort, “eyestrain” often results as fatigue sets into the ciliary muscle. Do you have trouble reading the print in newspapers or on computer screens?  If yes, you’re not alone.  Although our eyes change as we get older, today’s thin, lightweight lenses help us see near, far, and in-between without compromising our appearance.  



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