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The term “accommodation” refers to the ability of an eye’s lens to quickly change its focus. Normally, the lens assumes a round shape when viewing near objects and takes on a more oval shape when viewing distant objects. When the eye’s lens has difficulty becoming round for properly focusing on near objects, it is called an “accommodative insufficiency.” While this inability to focus on near objects is similar to “presbyopia,” the age-related condition that inhibits reading ability beginning in middle age, accommodative insufficiency occurs at a younger age. Accommodative insufficiency can compromise a child’s visual attention levels and visual memory abilities as more attention is directed to keeping clear vision. It can be corrected with prescription lenses for near work. A lens should be an individualized product designed to meet the specific vision needs of the wearer.  This is especially true for children because they rely on their vision to learn in school and to complete homework assignments. Children suffering from accommodative insufficiency often look like they are daydreaming since they find it difficult to focus on the printed page in front of them.



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