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Conventional lenses with “plus” corrections for farsightedness are thicker at the center, which makes them protrude from the eyeglass frame. This central protrusion is also responsible for making the lenses heavier than those for nearsighted corrections, and they carry the cosmetic disadvantage of making the eyes appear larger. Fortunately, all of these concerns have been addressed with “aspheric” lenses, which feature a special design that utilizes constantly changing curves to make the needed correction. Their smart design enables them to offer farsighted individuals lenses that are much slimmer and lighter (and that magnify the eyes less) than conventional lenses. Ask to see the difference between conventional lenses and aspherics when having your lens prescription filled. No one wants to wear thick lenses that make even the most fashionable frames look heavy and dated.  Thanks to modern lenses, you don’t need to compromise your appearance because you wear glasses.  To ensure good vision, you need lenses prescribed for your specific vision problem.  Most aspheric lenses are also high-index lenses, which means that they provide thinner, lighter lenses  because they are able to bend light more efficiently.


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