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Perhaps the most important statistic surrounding vision-robbing injuries is that 90  percent of them are preventable. By simply avoiding dangerous situations and/or wearing protective eyewear, it is possible to avert the vast majority of eye injuries. Beyond that, you may be surprised to learn that nearly half (44 percent) of eye injuries occur in the home. That is a larger percentage of eye injuries than occurs while playing sports (40 percent). Therefore, aside from properly insisting that their children wear protective eyewear on the court and on the field, parents should wear eyewear that prevents injury at home. This means wearing protective goggles, glasses, and eye shields when mowing the lawn, swinging a hammer, and using caustic cleaning agents. Only half of individuals working around the house wear protective eyewear. Our most precious sense, sight plays a large part in our ability to perceive the world around us. Good protective eyewear should be light and fit comfortably, allow you to see clearly, and be adapted to your working position.


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