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Anyone experiencing vision problems while driving at night should schedule an eye exam to diagnose the cause. In some cases, all that may be needed is a stronger eyeglass prescription. In particular, low light conditions can aggravate nearsightedness, which gives rise to reduced vision (night myopia). Otherwise, poor vision at night, especially while driving, is one of the earliest symptoms of cataracts. Symptoms include glare and halos around oncoming lights, which is also a symptom of glaucoma. In addition, diminished night vision among older individuals may be a sign of macular degeneration, which blurs central vision and restricts the ability to discern fine detail. There are also several hereditary diseases that can impair night vision by affecting the retina. Blurry vision or poor night vision are good reasons to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. Dry eye is one condition that can lead to poor night vision.