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Many professional athletes favor colored contact lenses known as “Sport Tints” because they improve vision without clouding up or falling off. Golfers mostly wear gray-green contacts that make the grass so vivid that they seem to be able to see individual blades of grass. Baseball players who wear amber contacts report being able to better pick up the red seams on the baseball when they are standing up at bat; football players generally prefer blue tints, which heighten contrast and visual acuity. Yellow is preferred by hunters and other outdoors people for its ability to enhance contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions outdoors and to filter blue light for sharper focus. Tinted contacts may help anyone improve vision and performance.  Most optical shops have tint samples you can use to help you determine which colors are best for you. Try to evaluate the lenses in lighting conditions that match those you will experience most often during your sport. Two advantages of tinted contacts over sunglasses are that they do not have any distortion or extra weight  and they do not scratch easily.


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