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When selecting eyeglass frames, the shape of your face and your skin tone should help guide your decisions. To put it simply, the shape of the eyeglass frames should be “opposite” to that of your face. Thus, a round face will look best in geometric-shaped eyeglasses, and a pair of oval or rounded glasses will enhance a square face. Oblong faces look best in frames with strong horizontal bars and rounded bottoms. As far as skin tone is concerned, “warm” Mediterranean coloring (dark hair, eyes, and complexion) is most flattered by frames in any color that has a hint of yellow. For “cool” skin tones (light hair, eyes, and complexion), frames in a pink- or blue-based color are best. People with oval-shaped faces are blessed with the ability to wear eyeglass frames of any shape as long as the size of the frame is proportionate with the size of the face. Come in and let JoAnn, our certified optician, and optical assistants help you select the eyewear that is right for your face shape and skin tone.



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