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School athletes are required to schedule a physical exam  at the start of the season  to ensure that nothing stands in the way of achieving optimal performance. In addition to this exam, it makes sense to undergo a comprehensive eye exam as well. Strong vision is essential to an athlete’s performance, and anyone in need of vision correction should be fitted with comfortable contact lenses. Beyond that, athletes should be aware that dynamic visual acuity, eye tracking, depth perception, and visual reaction time are among the vision-related issues that can affect performance. Once athletes are confident that these factors have been successfully addressed, they should take the necessary further step of safeguarding their eyes with protective eyewear. Regular prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses are not a substitute for appropriate, well-fitted protective eyewear. Athletes need to use sports eyewear that is tailored to protect their eyes while playing their specific sport. As the term “eye-hand coordination” suggests, catching or hitting a ball relies on  proper information from the vision system to guide the hands.



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