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Nearly everyone selects new eyeglasses on the basis of how good they look and how good they make us look. However, they must also fit correctly. Well-fitting eyeglass frames should be slightly wider than the face, wide enough so that the temples (arms)  do not touch the head but not so wide that there is a large gap between the temple and the face. If the temples are too small, they will touch the face and angle outward. They should extend straight back and touch the head just before the ear. They also must be long enough to curve when they reach the ear, not before. The bridge (nose piece) should fit snugly and be designed  to resist slippage. When your glasses feel uncomfortable, you may not wear them as often as you should. And if you’re not wearing your glasses as prescribed, you’re putting your vision – and possibly your safety – at risk. It is important to measure the distance between the eye pupils when fitting eyeglasses so that each pupil will sit close to the center of its corresponding lens.