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The term “monovision” involves wearing one contact lens to correct for distance vision and the other to correct near vision. The term is something of a misnomer  in that the eyes still work in tandem. It’s just that one eye will see more clearly than the other, depending on what is being looked at. In time, the brain compensates for the discrepancy, allowing the person wearing monovision contacts to see well at all distances with a single pair of lenses. The reading lens is worn on the non-dominant eye, which frees the dominant eye to concern itself solely with distance viewing. Monovision is a good option for those who need glasses for distance viewing and corrective lenses for close viewing. You can wear glasses for monovision, but typically the difference in the thickness of the glass between the two eyes can cause troublesome symptoms when you look through the edges of the glass. “Mini-monovision” contacts provide less magnifying power to the near-vision lens, which helps impart clearer distance vision to individuals who do not do a lot of close-up work.


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