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Even though children may have passed school vision screenings and do not complain about their eyes, it may be that they are deficient in any of a number of vision skills required to read well. Aside from visual acuity (the ability to see objects clearly), visual fixation skill is needed to aim the eyes accurately. “Static fixation” is the ability to focus on a stationary object when reading a word or working a math problem, and “saccadic fixation” is the ability to move the eyes quickly and accurately across a page to read print. A comprehensive eye exam also includes an assessment of accommodation, binocular fusion, convergence, field of vision, and visual perception.  Many ophthalmologists and pediatricians feel that vision screening can be part of your child's routine pediatric check-ups -- with referral to an eye care provider if problems are noted. Optometrists, on the other hand, recommend more frequent comprehensive eye exams by an eye care professional. Your health care provider can help you determine what's appropriate for your child.


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