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To ensure that your eyeglasses will fit correctly, it is necessary to take four measurements (all in millimeters)  into account. The first, eye size, refers to the horizontal width of one of the lenses. Next, the bridge measurement tells the distance between the two lenses. Then, there is the temple length, which tells how long the temple is from one end to the other (including the bend). Finally, the B measurement refers to the vertical height of the lens, but it is only important when making multifocal (bi-focal, tri-focal, and progressive) lenses. Most eyeglasses have the eye, bridge, and temple information posted as three numbers (for instance, 50-17-135) on the inside of the frame. In addition to the eye, bridge, and temple measurements, it is necessary to know the total frame width, which includes the end pieces (the width of the frame from the edge of the lens out to the edge of the frame, where the temples are connected to the frame front)


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