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Isn’t it ironic that people wearing eyeglasses were once subjected to ridicule, but that spectacles have now become the most sought-after fashion accessory? “Geek chic” eyewear has been very popular over the past few years to the point where neutral oversized frames with geometric angles, shapes, and patterns have become all the rage. There is also a closely related “vintage” trend afoot that draws inspiration from the past to produce retro styles that display traditional shapes (like round and cat eye) and vintage patterns (like polka dots and checks). In addition, wild floral and animal-print patterns abound that set wearers apart from the crowd. Also popular are much more subdued water-inspired frames with turquoise, moss green, and oceanic blue hues. For beach vacation wear, choose eyeglass frames in multi-colored rainbow hues, especially Radiant Orchid (purple).



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