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According to Vanessa Brown, a university senior lecturer who studies the relationship between everyday objects and the meaning we assign to them, sunglasses are “cool” for good reasons. To begin with, they cover any unevenness around the eyes and replace it with instant symmetry, which most people equate with greater facial attractiveness. In addition, Ms. Brown argues that shading the eyes makes a person seem more intriguing and mysterious. Sunglasses literally keep people “in the dark” and lead them to guess and project their own interpretations. This then makes the sunglass wearer more sexually desirable in the eyes of beholders. On the other side of the shaded lenses, sunglass wearers also feel more inscrutable and sexy, thereby increasing the effect. Our optical boutique offers the latest in frame styles and lens technology at competitive prices and can provide the thinnest, lightest, most smudge and scratch resistant lenses to fit almost any style frame you desire. Ever since Hollywood stars began wearing sunglasses  in the 1950s and ‘60s  to prevent them from being recognized, sunglasses have been inextricably linked with glamour and edginess.