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It only makes sense to take good care of quality eyeglasses that play such a critical role in your life. With this in mind, whenever possible, rinse debris from your lenses with running water. If necessary, use a moisturizer-free soap to clean the lenses, and dry with a soft cotton cloth. Paper towels can leave fine scratches on lenses. Next, never place your eyeglasses on dashboards or other places that will expose them to high temperatures, which can cause some non-glass lenses to warp slightly. Plastic frames may lose their shape, and some coatings may crackle and peel. Finally, always use two hands to slide eyeglasses on and off, and never place glasses down on their front lens surface. Keep your eyewear in a protective case when you’re not wearing them. Carefully check the alignment of your eyewear in front of a mirror. If they seem misaligned, return to your optician for a frame adjustment. If you are rough on your eyeglasses, be sure to have their lenses treated with an anti-scratch coating.