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Eyeglasses should look good while they help you to see well. With this in mind, be sure to consider your eyes, face, eyebrow shape, and hairstyle when selecting new eyeglass frames. To draw attention away from a long nose, choose frames with a drop bridge, and veer away from aviator frames. If your eyes are widely spaced, look to oval or heavy frames, and shy away from squares. If your eyes droop, opt for angular frames, and avoid cat eyes and aviators. For low cheekbones, go with cat eyes or ovals, and stay away from round frames. If you have narrow eyes, be on the lookout for thin frames, and stay away from deep-set and narrow frames. Eyeglasses can help people see the real you, or they can help create the image you want. The key is to find the right frames to match your face shape as well as your personality and lifestyle.  

If you have high eyebrows, choose frames that sit below your brows, and avoid frames that touch your brows.


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