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Older adults who are getting new eyeglasses with significant increases in prescription strength should take their time getting used to their new lenses. The same recommendation holds for seniors who are making a switch from single-vision lenses to bifocals or progressive lenses. A period of adjustment is advised since new glasses may present older eyeglass wearers with images that may appear magnified or distorted at first. As a result, they may find it difficult to navigate stairs that may appear sloped, with steps that appear to be closer, further away, smaller, or larger than they actually are. If seniors experience difficulty adapting to bifocal or progressive lenses, they might want to consider getting a second pair of single-vision lenses for outdoor use. 

If seniors experience difficulty walking up or down stairs while wearing bifocals or progressive lenses, they might want to tuck their chins into their chests in order to view the stairs through the distance vision area of their lenses.