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Stay Focused…

….To Stay Ahead of the Game!

An easy visual trick may help runners achieve faster times. Simply put, recent research shows that focusing on the finish line helps runners ease exertion and move at a faster pace. Narrowly focused exercisers were also found to walk more quickly when they kept their eyes focused straight ahead.

Why? It seems that by focusing on a single object, runners and walkers eliminate the peripheral cues around them that they normally rely on to gauge distances. As result, a reduction in these “depth cues” makes exercisers perceive distances differently.  With the target in their central field of vision, the distance to the finish line seems much closer, which can have an “I can do it!” effect on motivation. Visual assessment that leads to necessary correction can help athletes of all ages and abilities improve performance levels. For a full exam and a chance to tallk to our eye doctor all about your options Visit Dr. Donlad Knapp!