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Clean Contact Lenses

Why You Should Keep them Clean

Contact Lenses HerkimerIt is important for contact lens wearers to bear in mind that they are wearing medical devices that must be scrupulously cleaned on a regular basis. Poor hygiene (including poor maintenance of contact lens cases or reusing or topping off contact lens solution) can result in a serious infection that can lead to scarring, impaired vision, and even the need for a corneal transplant. For a full exam talk to our eye doctor, Dr Knapp.

“Keratitis” is the most serious complication of contact lens wear and the most common infection related to contact lens use. This infection of the cornea, the transparent, round dome covering the eye’s iris and pupil, can be caused by bacteria, fungi, herpes, and microbes (such as “acanthamoeba,” which is very difficult to treat). Prevention is essential. Active people find that contacts are often more practical than glasses.

For those who wear contact lenses in Herkimer and West Winfield, a fitting process needs to take place with periodic evaluation of the cornea (the healthy living tissue that the contact lens sits) and the fit of the contact lens. Including a “rub and rinse” step in the contact lens cleaning process, minimizing contact with water while wearing contact lenses, and replacing the lens case frequently can all help reduce the risk of eye infection.


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