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Night Vision and Driving Eyeglasses

Waning driving skills place older drivers at risk for automobile crashes.

In life you need to keep in mind that safety should always be first. One of the contributing factors to car crashes (the leading cause of injury among adults aged 65-75) is declining vision and the loss of eyesight. As we age, the pupils in our eyes shrink and do not dilate as much in the darkness. As a result, the amount of light entering the eye decreases.

While this difference may not be entirely noticeable during the day, twilight or dim light can make it similar to wearing sunglasses. At the same time, seniors may find it more difficult to adjust back and forth between bright light and dim light. All of these factors make it more important for seniors to have their vision examined regularly. As we age, eye exams become even more important. Vision problems may develop with no physical symptoms until they’re quite advanced. By being well-informed, you can recognize signs of trouble – and possibly slow the progression a sight-threatening disease. The early stages of certain eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma, and “dry” macular degeneration) can make it difficult for older drivers to see clearly at night.

Waning driving skills place older drivers at risk for car crashes. For an eye exam visit either of our offices for an eye exam. Call Dr. Knapp at (315) 822-5678

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