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Presbyopia Effect Us All as an Age Related Vision Trouble

presbyopia help with Dr. KnappThe inability to focus sharply on objects positioned close to the eyes, known as “presbyopia,” is caused by age-related changes that compromise the ability of the eye lens to flex and change shape (called “accommodation”).  Impaired accommodation causes close objects to blur. The condition usually becomes noticeable around age 45, gradually progresses for about a decade, and then stabilizes.

Fortunately, presbyopia can always be corrected with prescription lenses, usually progressive lenses (glasses that provide clear vision for a range of distances), bifocals (glasses with lenses that correct near or distance vision), or single-vision lenses (glasses with lenses calibrated to correct near vision only). The type chosen depends on whether any other eye problems are present. With the onset of presbyopia, you'll find you need to hold books, newspapers, menus and other reading materials farther away in order to see the print clearly. Headaches and eyestrain when reading or performing other near work after age 40 are other symptoms of presbyopia.

Drugstore reading glasses do not always correct for presbyopia sufficiently, especially in cases where each eye has a different focusing error. 

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